Right before Christmas break I gave out email accounts to all my students.  I knew that using the tool would be beneficial for the students.  They really enjoyed the freedom to have their own account.  It allows for the easy, safe transfer of documents from home to school.  Overall I had an idea of the benefits that this tool may offer my students. 

We are almost a month into it and all that I expected has come to be.  But, today I realized the wonderful extra benefit.  After I played (and lost) two volleyball games tonight I pulled up my school email account to see several messages.  Most of them appeared to be questions about the project we are working on… love that they are going home to work on their own!  But there were two messages from kids thanking me for teaching them… I worked really hard this weekend to pull together a meaningful project, it took a ton of my time, but after getting those emails I knew how well spent the time was.  I love my job, and not in a ‘PollyAnnaish’ kind of way, but in the ‘I’ve been doing this for ten years’ kind of way, and there’s no place I’d rather be working than in a classroom.  It’s just too good.