Gcysjr07_178Returning from a trip on the water with students is hard, particularly hard when the trip went as well as it did.  School just never feels the same when we get back.  This is the list of quotes I love hearing from students since we got off the river….

1.  How will we ever be able to go back to school now?

2.  I sat down to watch TV last night and I was totally bored

3.  Can we go hiking more when we get back to Flagstaff?

4.  I really liked playing in the mud.

5.  Remember that time I almost stepped on the rattlesnake?

6.  School should always be outside.

7.  Before going on this, I didn’t really think I liked sleeping outside.

8.  When can I do this again?

I am in the process of making a montage video, burning up all the pictures for each student, printing nice 8 X 10 group pictures, making thank you cards for the guides and organizing the post-trip party…. phew.  I will post a link to the wonderful pictures as soon as I get them uploaded!