Just hanging out on San Juan Hill

The trip was a smashing success and we are only hours away from our return trip on Southwest! Huge thanks to all the people that made this trip possible…
– Megan, Dave and Heather for picking us up from the airport and setting up camp on the first night!
Shane for hooking us up to stay at the Saguaro Lake Ranch
– Megan and Dave for allowing us to use the Patterson Hostel as home base for the duration
– Graci for her wonderful hospitality at Grand Canyon
– CHS teachers, students and parents for graciously hosting us on the midpoint of our trip.
– Dave Roth, principal of CHS, for letting the SLA kids sleep at CHS in order to save a little cash.
– Katie, Walt, Brin, Jerry and Mark for guiding us expertly down the San Juan River
– Emma, Chantal and John from the GCY office that rose from the ashes of the warehouse fire to pull our trip off without a hitch. The manner in which they all recovered from a devastating fire is nothing short of miraculous and speaks to the perseverance, hard work and tenacity with which this crew can rally.

I was sad to see the San Juan River valley floating off into the distance yesterday and then to have a blustery snow storm almost hastening our departure from Flagstaff… I miss this place, this space. There is something about that river how it cuts through history, geology and lore. Tomorrow I will be back in Philly, but must admit that a piece of me stays with the southwest. More pictures, blog posts and stories to follow!