SLA 2009 Phlagstaff Expedition

From May 2nd-May 9th, 2010, ten students and two staff from SLA will venture to the southwest once again for adventure and learning. The inaugural 2009 trip was a smashing success and we are looking forward to new experiences on a new river this trip.

We will be visiting:
Red Rocks of Sedona
Cinder Cones of Flagstaff
the “Lava Tubes”
Grand Canyon – South Rim
Coconino High School
Grand Canyon – Diamond Down

The students in Philadelphia are partnered with 10 Flagstaff students who attend Coconino High School. This partnership allows for not only for the adventure of the trip, but of a real connection to the people, not just the place.

This tradition of exploring far flung places in nature all started with my 7th grade Science teacher and I’ve never been the same since. I’ve been trying to pay that kindness forward for the past 15 years as I have taken kids all over Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Southeast Utah, and AZ/Grand Canyon (from Glen Canyon to Diamond Creek). None of this would ever have been possible without the serious support of my family and a robust community committed to providing these special experiences for students.

If you would like to support our trip, consider donating to our fundraising efforts!