First of all, thank you to all the session leaders who led some amazing conversations, thanks to the workforce of SLA students, staff and parents, thanks to the attendees that were willing to brave the brisk, snowy Philadelphia weather to join us for the event.

Organizing this event is an undertaking. It literally takes the entire SLA community to step up. I value community in a really specific, necessary way. Working in a place that rallies, pulls together, works hard, and laughs along the way, is necessary (for me) in my workplace. So YAY!

The reason I find EduCon personally compelling, is that if I am going to foster and sustain my PLN, I need to see them, in person, face to face… reality. I can limp along throughout the year, trading tweets and IMs and blogs and comments, but I really don’t think I would keep up with the whole endeavor if there was not a time to process, converse, share in real time and space. Asynchronous can only get me so far.

Today I am tired, as Lehmann would say, “bone weary”. There is no good way to recover but with copious amounts of sleep, couch time and fresh air. The effort is so worth it, the benefits/impacts have a long tail for all people involved. It is incredibly fulfilling and humbling to play a role in all this. Thanks for taking part. So good.