We spent Constitution Day celebrating the birthday of the document with cupcakes and a round of Constitution Quizzo.

This is the fourth year in a row that  I am teaching American History at  the Science Leadership Academy.  When I was hired in May of 2008, I  made a conscious decision to shift  my teaching of history to a fully  thematic approach. In my previous  years of teaching history I would  try to blend the chronological with  the thematic in some hybridized  version of instruction. Switching to  a fully thematic approach was the  right move as I reflect upon the  development of the curriculum.

One goal I have always tried to accomplish is to push out as much of my classroom as possible into the web so as to share, refine and grow. This year my goal is to account for each day of the year for both of my classes, which I have tried before and fallen short. With the start of a new year comes the motivation to try again.  Plan to see unit by unit blogging as the year progresses with a daily breakout of activities, journals and links.  I am hopeful that this is the year.