Starting in the fall of 1979 until the end of school 2012… I have never, not been enrolled in or employed by a school.  K-12, led directly to college, which led directly to teaching… 33 straight years of first days  After deciding last spring that I was going to take a year to travel, consult and breathe, I knew that the day would come and go that I was supposed to go back to school.

Today was that day, as SLA started school this morning.  Now, I wasn’t exactly absent the process, as Ms. Hull and I are still working with the ever talented and delightful Hullenberg Advisory.  While Ms. Hull distributed 350 computers to SLA 10-12th students, I was in a Google Hangout with the advisory, doing their transcript review, giving out locker assignments, filling out paperwork and answering questions.  I was there (via webcam) for two hours.  It was lovely.  But it wasn’t my first day of school.

I certainly have embraced change in my path over my career, but it was always from one school to the next.  Today, today is a different kind of change.  Good in its own way, just different.  I love working in schools and with teachers and students.  This year will be different from the previous 33 in some big ways.  Today, was a first day of sorts for me, just not the first day of school I’ve been accustomed to.