2010-01-31 13.08.25The new must have literacy is… there isn’t one.  It isn’t creativity or innovation or media or digital’ness.  What is becoming incredibly clear to me as I watch the information and learning landscape become this global, always on, shifting, changing ball of overwhelming awesomeness is that there is no new *must have* literacy.  Be human.  Have some instincts.  Live.  Those are the things we need to be doing.  The thought that we need to once again define something as *the* thing so we can replicate and systematize and scale-up, sigh.  C’mon.

I believe that the only thing that is a must have is the ability to adapt and change as circumstances merit.  Flexible, agile, adaptive… that is what the learning needs to be. As the architects of learning environments we need to make sure that those spaces/places allow all members of the community to preserve their adaptive capacity and be resilient.  Beyond that, there is no new literacy that is going to prep us all for what is developing.  We need to stop worrying about what this future might be, and get real about what is actually happening now and how we can stay in tip top condition for the unfolding future.

We are living in a time that allows us to be in the moment and it is the only way we will know what to do next.  There is no map. No specific literacy to have. We need it all. By defining one thing as the *new* thing we only perpetuate this silo’fication of skills. We need to drink it all in and then use our entire toolbox of skills to find our path.  And heavy emphasis on the ‘we’, because this is one complicated, massive thing we are in the middle of and I know that I need smart, savvy people around me to help me make sense of it all.  So, yes… we (and our schools) need to be creative, innovative, informed, media-literate, etc.  But not as different *literacies*, as tools for staying agile, adaptive and flexible in our learning.  This is it people.  Let’s go.