Below is the assignment we were working on today… we acquired an iPad cart and for reasons that I do not really understand… all published and public googlesites are not accessible through the filter.  I had to punt, as I had used sites with the students before, on the laptops, and it worked.  So then I went to gdocs, blocked. Then I moved onto my blog, blocked. Then I was stumped for a bit… I started just piecing together the links, one by one, which was exactly not what I wanted to do with 7th graders on the first day with the iPads. Finally, it occurred to me to post it to my old, old, old… pbworks site. That worked. Man, that was a bit exhausting. The fact that the filter treats devices differently is exasperating. The fact that it blocks anything google, exasperating. Using tech is something that I think allows for more inquiry, which is a good thing. Today, most of that inquiry was my own… trying to find work arounds on the filter. Blerg.

To start off, please read this introduction:

Internment History

1. What are you initial thoughts? Questions?

Next Read Executive Order 9066

2. Who orders the internment and who is directed to carry out the order?

Then, choose 5 documents in this archive to determine what it was like to live in the camps using these documents.

3. Document One – Title – Describe what the document communicates.

4. Document Two – Title – Describe what the document communicates.

5. Document Three – Title – Describe what the document communicates.

6. Document Four – Title – Describe what the document communicates.

7. Document Five – Title – Describe what the document communicates.

Finally, read this speech.

8.  Imagine you are in the audience as a Japanese American, choose three sentences in the speech and tell me how you would have felt and why. Write out the sentence and your opinion.