Joe and Teresa Laufenberg - Aug. 5th, 1939

When I am home, I am a Laufenberg… and people know what that means.  Being from a tiny town in rural Wisconsin has a balanced set of +’s and -‘s, but anonymity is non-existent.  Who you are is as much determined by your family as it is by your individual identity.

I come from a family of talkers.  So when I say I am a Laufenberg it means (partially) that I’m a talker.  A storyteller.  I’ve been lucky enough to be welcomed into schools and conferences throughout the US and abroad to tell stories of learning, living, the intersection of institution and possibility.  Below are some examples of the themes I speak to with the perspective of 15 years in the classroom and a lifetime of thinking like a farm kid.

Embracing Failure

On Being Resilient

Creating the Classrooms We Need

Learning Visually: Data Visualization in the Classroom

Thematic Teaching: Practical Examples from the History Classroom

Growing your Network

Experiential Education: Education as Real Life


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