Currently I am in between graduations in Flagstaff.  I have the distinct pleasure of having taught a number of students attending two different high schools.  Here is the thing… I am one of the only teachers from my middle school that goes to the graduation ceremonies. I stood on a chair yesterday in front of 130 students and reminded them that there were 130 students in those chairs four years ago that I was going to watch walk across the stage at graduation today and I make the same promise to them that I made four years ago.  "I will see you there, at the Dome, walking across the stage and finishing what I was able to be a part of for two years out of the 13 years of school".  We all should feel compelled to commit to being there to watch those students that rolled through our classrooms take that final step in their K-12 experience.  One graduation down and one to go…. makes me realize all over again why I choose this job… it’s just too good!